About Us

Increasing effective software development time is our only goal.


We love seeing software development teams use their time effectively. This is why we work with companies and its teams to reduce the amount of waste while creating software. We focus on changing manual, error-prone activities into automated solutions. Succeeding in this role means companies save costs and increase profits.

The Process

Roadblocks and other impediments to efficient software development are very difficult to see, especially by those inside the company. From our first hour with a client, we assess and track any roadblocks we find, similar to how a new employee will trip up on processes that existing employees do not see. Each roadblock found is then investigated for its cause, and a solution is developed for how it can either be removed or mitigated.

Each solution offered by JustPlainSimple is forward-looking with cautious realism. Although solutions may use bleeding-edge technologies, the products, services and advice that customers receive are based on proven and mature technologies. After all, there is little point in using a new product to gain productivity if it means you need to sacrifice more time to maintain and support it.

Transparency and Clarity

We are open and honest about technical limitations, products and services with all current and prospective customers. Coupled with a strong work ethic, we are members of IEEE or ACM organizations and adhere to their Code of Ethics.

We are also attendees of more esoteric security conferences, like Defcon. Having an ear to the ground helps to find out about new security threats, technical problems, and feature sets that will impact businesses in the future.